top-20-2016-147x118Every website we develop is designed to be responsive to mobile browsing, easy to navigate and search engine friendly. That is why we are one of the largest website development companies in Charlotte, NC.

A website that cannot be found is really just an online brochure. On the other hand a website that is functional, clear in it’s messaging and easily found by the search engines can become a business engine for growth and a powerful communication portal to existing and new clients.

Responsive Web Design

ResponsiveA responsively designed website automatically re-sizes the web page to  fit the screen size – from desktop computers to mobile smart phones to tablets – the content and images fit the browser so a user does not have to scroll back and forth and side to side to see the entire page.   Instead of seeing only part of your web page when viewed on a non-traditional browser, the web browser automatically detects the type of platform accessing the website and shrinks the page to fit the viewers screen, leaving the text and forms large enough to easily read and access without adjusting the browser.

It can be a frustrating experience trying to get information on a website that doesn’t adapt to the browser’s space.  If a customer can’t easily scan a page and find what they are looking for then they will most likely go back to their trusty friend Google and visit a competitor’s site.

Google has recently implemented a policy that penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly and eliminated them from many search criteria.